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A demake for the classic roguelike The Binding of Isaac originally developed by Edmund McMillen and Florian Himsl. This homebrew redesign of the game was built from the ground up to run on the orignal Game Boy hardware itself (meaning it will require an emulator to play on the PC).

The project was made for this year's #GBJAM8 (developed over the course of roughly a week) and is more of a prototype as to what the game would be like running on original Game Boy hardware so, many features may be missing or lacking polish. Hopefully, in the future, this project could be fleshed out more into a well-rounded and enjoyable experience.

Source code for this project is also available via GitHub.



Holding down A will lock the shooting direction whilst moving.



GBJAM8-ISAAC.zip 13 kB

Install instructions

The download is a Game Boy ROM file so it will require an emulator in order to run. There are a number of free emulators for the Game Boy available online, however, I recommend the BGB Emulator for its features and accuracy.


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This was neat

Can the game file be opened from gba?

Super cool that this exists. My only suggestion (if you are ever planning to update) would be to allow shooting behind you with the B button, since it seems like you have to do this awkward "run, turn around, shoot, repeat" dance for every interaction.

Hey I m pretty new to GB Studio stuff and Im at the beginning of developing my own isaac like dungeon crawler in zelda style with items.

I plan it to be really big. 

But it seems harder than I thought and I ran into many issues and the discord channel can't help me either. 

I want to ask you if you can please share your project file with me so I can learn from your skripts.

I can offer you a free version when it's finished. I ln a year or so xD.

I would really appreciate it.

This was not made with GB Studio, it's written from scratch in C. The source code is downloadable on this page but I'm not sure how helpful that would be with GB Studio, unfortunately.


very hard


This is a great start! Good thinking on the controls, it does the job. Best of all is that i was able to play this on my GBA SP so I hope you work more on this eventually :D


Finally i found a "port" for this

Deleted 3 years ago

There's no sound, this was made in a week for GBJAM and there wasn't enough time to add sounds.


You can make this playable in browser here on this page. If you download GB Studio and compile a random ROM for web and then replace that ROM with your ROM and then zip the folder and upload it as a playable in browser game