Grow a garden of plants to help defend the great tree from the incoming waves of demonic creatures for as long as possible!

(Fullscreen is Recommended)

This game was developed for My First Game Jam: Winter 2023.

The source code for this game is available on GitHub!

TWITTER: @jrobertson774


PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(109 total ratings)
Tags2D, Cartoon, color, Cute, Farming, Gardening, Hand-drawn, Singleplayer, Tower Defense


Grow Your Guarden v1.0.2 (Windows) 19 MB

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the game crashed when i left and pls add a continue button

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sometimes when i leave the tab for to long it restarts the whole game



its not loading


After playing this game to the point where it is no longer fun:


-Good sound track

-Cute animation

-Solid Idea


- Poor execution (Bramble vines do absolutely nothing, you could have entire map filled with them and not kill a thing)

-Only need like 2-3 Air cards to never have an air problem

-Not fun after round 20-25

Potential Fixes:

-Combine bramble with bushes or maybe have the vines do a slow down effect

-Add fast forward button

-Drag to grow option instead of just click

-Auto collect coins or a magnet like radius to collect

-Nerf rocket

Overall, I enjoyed playing :) Thank you

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48 Hours still rolling...

More than 24 hour update... setup still holding solid...



this is something i really wanted for so long....

and it's very-well executed!! thanks for this game.!

also, it would be cool if I could zoom out a bit and if the enemy music wasn't the same (although it probably wouldn't be just one music)

Me when I am having fun and proceed to accidentally click the submission ui on the right of my screen so everything is reset


I had such a fun time with this game, it was pretty epic
also I made it to wave 30
10/10, would recommend to PVZ players


I had a fun time making a forest...

Then survived long enough to be 99% guns.


This is the type of game I wish I could make


love the vibe, artstyle and music go great toguether!


Y'know, I just realised. Great tree, demons.. I think this is based on the mythology of Life Trees. Many different cultures have them, and different stories, as well as different species of life tree.. Oak, acacia, fig.. But many of those stories involve some sort of evil the tree protects against. Be it malevolent spirits, the monsters in the dark, or even real creatures, like wolves or other large predators. I love the idea that this whole thing could be beautifully rooted in some ancient mythology, telling its own version of such a tale.


your thinking too deep into this



this game is so fun but how do i fullscreen? i downloaded it but it gave me the script

My PC has 8 cores, how should I play this? do I run the app called "grow," in the files? when I do, it says windows protected my PC by not opening it. Does it run on a minimum of 2 cores, or strictly 2 cores?

Never mind, it runs fine, my pc just didn't understand at first

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i can't confirm this but i'm pretty sure the reason why some people can't play grow your guarden is because is only runs on two cores. here's why i'm so sure:  i switched from my computer which was confirmed only had one core due an error of opening geometry dash(another game that runs only on two cores) and this laptop that i'm using to play the game is weaker, meaning why it could only run on two cores

of course there could be a different reason why the error occurs that's why i would like to ask JOSHUA if this is true or not.

-me, thank you for your time

Bro I hope that's not the case, I'm a broke teen, there's no way I'd be able to upgrade. :'<

Have you checked how many cores you have? I Just got a new (still on the level of trash) pc and it doesnt cost that much tbh like im in europe so it might be cheaper idk 2 core+ computer Will become cheaper in the future

I live in canada, and no.. My pc is probably ten years old in terms of model. This is far from the first game I've been incapable of running, and I've been needing a new pc for over a year. I know there's an absurdly low likelihood of having more than one core, as it's a really cheap, old, store-built Dell tower model.



cool game

I’m new.

why no linux support?

Might be harder to code


do eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


bug?: game doesnt work when downloaded.
is this because i have win 7
or the game isnt working at all
fix fast pls

Windows 7? wth bro upgrade, windows 10 has so much more support for anything.

They might not be able to. I lost a computer to the initial WIN10 push, because my pc didn't have a key, but was forced to update. I can no longer use that device, and we had to manually salvage its storage.


guys pls tell me how to save progres

you can't there's only one developer that hasn't been implemented/won't be. its just you play you end you you you you you i stopped thinking normally


its getting endless


Really really really great game, I love it! A few suggestions I can give are:

1. Add More Enemies, maybe one who's really fast but a lot weaker.

2. Add a x2, x3, x10, x25, etc speed button, because sometimes the game does get a bit boring when you just sit there watching, so a Fast-Forward Button would be nice!

3. I would love for the game to have like a little "Story", so it didn't just start off with you placing plants. Maybe the story could be that the ink monsters are drawing all over the Earth and you have to use the cleaning power of the plants to stop them [Lol I don't know what I'm saying, just random stuff ].

4. Make Different Modes for the game, like one where instead of defending, you're the one trying to breach through the defenses and destroy the tree.

5. A Tutorial for the game would be great even though it is pretty self-explanatory, but still, maybe for people who are less insightful.

6. Kind of like an "Encyclopedia" icon inside the game, where you can see all of the Monster's Names and descriptions, also the plants'.

7. I would love for the spikes to be able to also Slow Down an enemy, instead of just damaging them.

8. I'm sorry to say this, but the Hedge is just too weak. Maybe give it more health or make it grow faster.

Welcome to this new video, today we're playing "Grow your Guarden", we have to grow our garden, but it's not the garden you might expect. Particular game, and it's free. The tree is so cute! This game is 🔛🔝!

That was a quote from my favorite YouTubers, can you guess who it's from? 

Also, these suggestions are just my opinion. If you do not want to add these to the game, totally fine! It's your decision after all. Keep up this work! Also I saw you drew all the assets, you're an insane artist!! P.S. Sorry for the extremely long comment.


I'm playing on browser and i cannot zoom our to see the full lawn. Some part of the top and bottom side of the lawn is missing


You move with WASD, the screen isn't big enough to fit everything. Also it's best to play in fullscreen

i tried to use the arrow keys and the WASD and play in full screen as well but the cam is still there. I could move the cam around when i downloaded it though.

You have to download it from app on your pc


Can you make it downloadable for iphone in the App Store 

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They'd have to change the code, then. That's probably never going to happen. It's not even compatible with any phone at all.

When is the planned full release date? (if there is one)


All good things must come to an end. I was inattentive the last two days and didn't get rocket plants back in on the corners and eventually they slowly crept in and got me. It was a good run while it lasted.


also, what are the names of the enemies

theres the basic enemy, range, stronger, flying, and boss enemies, but what would be their real names according to species


squimp (basic)

dimp (ranged)

dlimk (strong)

flop (flying)

nog (boss)

Is this actually canon and confirmed, lol?




i have an idea for a plant. it could function as a plant with a sticky attack, the honeysuckle. it will simply launch weakly damaging honey that heaving slows down enemies and can even render them immobile. it grows over time in a similar way to the hedge bush's phases of growth


but you can play it press run game and play but how to save progres


make it playable I can't play it so make it work


how to save progres pls vith out downloading the gam

its 20 megabytes i think it's worth it to download

downloaded version doesnt work for me :(


What a great game! It's been a long time since I've seen such a simple but fun little game!

Although it's fun overall, I could feel some parts of the game that were not well done during the playthrough, such as the small variety of plants, the small variety of enemies, the fact that sometimes the plants would attack the same enemy together resulting in wasted bullets, and so on.

Maybe we need some additive plants (to make the attributes of the surrounding plants increase)? Maybe we need some multi-functional plants (able to attack enemies in the sky and on the ground)? Some kind of plant that releases skills through interaction (mouse clicks) would be cool too!

Gosh, I can't wait to play the full version of the game!


fun game


what asset you use for the tree


I drew it.


ohh.. what application tho? (Example: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop).


i just used a free sketch pad online and just took a screen shot of it 


It's all hand-drawn on paper with Sharpie and I would then take pictures of the drawings and modify them digitally to extract the outlines, add colour, animate, etc. The digital modifications were all done in (a free image editor). Here's an example of one of the drawings before being scanned in. :)


Ohh so you a drawing and draw it in wait... you i have too! but my says: disk is full please uninstall some programs and delete the files you have, i think i have to uninstall my and download another one and change the location for the program to work...

also add a function for rotating the camera so i can add my plants  ~Blob Guy

whenever i try to play in the browser (i use a android) does the game not work for my device? because it is just a black screen and I cant go into fullscreen but i somehow find the start button but then it just turns dark green i hope you can help me please

It's not meant to work on a phone

I play ona laptop


i drew it


this is very much for those tower defense lovers and would highly recommend this for someone who gets bored easily 5/5 stars

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This is truly endless, I do not have the patience to wait for wave 100. This game is just watching an overpowered army of rocket plants one-shotting a group of ink demons, that's all...


We have to stop somewhere.

Fun Game. Nice concept for a PvZ-like.

this looks its based off of pvz but diffrent type of 2D, 1: the flower shoot just like the peashooters, 2: the hedge wall works just like the nut wall, 3: missile bell is also works like cactus but without growing up, 4:the bramble also works like the spikes from pvz

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